Pie: one 9″ pie or eight mini pies

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It’s summer, y’all.  Wedding cakes get sad and droopy in the heat, and nobody wants that.  Instead, how about a delicious slice of wedding pie?

If you’re a pie baker, bring your favorite kind of pie.  Strawberry-rhubarb. Peach-blackberry.  Key lime.  Lemon meringue.  Chocolate silk.  Pumpkin.  Apple.  Peanut butter.  Anything sweet and delicious.

Estimated cost: really, it totally depends on the kind of pie you make.  You might be able to make a 9″ pie for $5, especially if you grow your own fruit, but more likely it’ll be around $10 per pie.

Ingredients, steps, etc.: just do what you normally do!  Pies will be the star dessert at this event, so have fun prettifying your pie!  If you feel like making mini-pies, here’s a great post with tips.

Please send us an ingredient list so that we can make a card for the pie letting people know what allergens are inside.  Please bring a knife & pie server for the day of the wedding.  We’d like to get 8 slices out of each pie.

Link to register for this item.


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