This is our food registry!

We will be hosting a potluck-style reception, and we’ve provided recipes for foods we’d love you to make if you’re feeling inspired to share your culinary skills.  We really think you all are amazing people and we want to have you at our wedding. We know it can be difficult to buy wedding gifts, and so if you’d like, we think it would be great if you could pitch in to give us the gift of great food!

How it works:

1) choose a delicious dish off this website

2) decide the quantity that you want to make.  We’ve scaled most dishes to serve 20-25 people.  If you’re feeling ambitious and want to make enough to serve double that, great!

3) go to https://www.myregistry.com/wedding-registry/Jen-Sacklin-Cims-Gillespie-Eugene-OR/1212619 and click on the dish you’re interested in.  Type in the quantity that you’re “purchasing” (you’re not actually purchasing anything except the ingredients for making the dish).  Most likely the quantity will stay at “1,” unless you’ve decided to double or triple one of our recipes to feed the hungry hordes

4) whip up this amazing recipe at home.

5) take note of any additional items listed at the bottom of the recipe.  For example, if you baked ciabatta, please either bring along a knife and cutting board or else check in with us to bring one for you!  For most items, we’ve simply asked that you bring a serving spoon.

6) after the wedding ceremony, dig in and enjoy!


  • there will not be refrigeration at the event site, so if your item needs to be refrigerated, please bring a cooler.
  • please don’t bring any food that isn’t on the list; we have friends with very specific food needs & allergens that we want to keep track of carefully.
  • if cooking isn’t your thing, then no pressure–feel free to stick to the more traditional registry items.  😀